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Former Address 11

In our daily routine we sometimes come across true works of art like the ones exhibited in museums. Here, the light plays tricks with the broken window and the venetian blinds of this derelict office located in the Sant Andreu…

Former Address 10

In the old days, it was quite common to see cats roaming around at all hours in Barcelona. Nowadays cats are a rare sight, even in quiet areas, but sometimes one can come across delightful substitutes like this one hunting…

Former Address 5

Barcelona is known around the world as an art center, and it seems that a sense of aesthetics is built into the DNA of its inhabitants. We have an example here of what a simple curtain can do to convert…

Former Address 4

The time has stopped in this workshop of the El Poble Sec neighborhood. Such rips in the space-time continuum are not so common in Barcelona. Try to guess the year of the various events shown on the bills.

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